Thor Sangeetkar -Prof.B.R.Deodhar

In this book Prof. Deodhar has given us an account of twenty-one great musicians who have played an important role in our music in the course of the last few decades. He describes the trials and the hurdles they had to face before they reached a position of pre-eminence in their fields.

Prof. Deodhar has also analyzed in detail the exact nature of their specific achievement. This kind of study is rare in Marathi and possibly even in other Indian languages. In English we have a number of books dealing with the lives and achievements of composers. Such works offer the reader and insight into the lives of these great artistes.

Thor Sangitkar illuminates the social and cultural background of the artistic life of the last century. It describes the traditions of each of these musician's and their style, the special features of their mode of presentation, the thought process underlying it and other details of their performance. The work is thus a kind of source book. There is no theoretical generalization as such. But Prof. Deodhar enlightens the reader with a plethora of information and this serves as a convenient starting point for those who want to draw certain theoretical conclusions from his descriptive account and analysis:

Prof. Deodhar has provided us with brief biographical data about nineteen great artistes:

Pandit Balkrishnabuvva lchalkaranjikar

Khan Saheb Alladiya Khan

Pandit V. N . Bhatkhande

Khan Saheb Murad Khan

Pandit Bhaskarbuvva Bakhle

Khan Saheb Allauddin Khan

Pandit Ramkrishnabuvva Vaze

Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar

Khan Saheb Abdul Karim Khan

Pandit Vamanbuvva Chaphekar

Khan Saheb Bundu Khan

Khan Saheb Rajab Ali Khan

Khan Saheb Fayaz Khan

Khan Saheb Sinde Khan

Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar

Pandit Bholanath Bhatt

Khan Saheb Bade Gulam Ali Khan

Pandit Vishnupant Chhatre

Pandit Khaprumama Parvatkar

There are two other articles, one on Giovanni Scrinzy and the other on Faridsaheb Sitarrmaker. The article on Dr. Scrinzy is based on close acquaintance with this musician and on what Prof. Deodhar himself imbibed of western music from him. The article is very useful as a guide to the study of western music.

The book bears testimony to Prof.Deodhar's own strong desire to understand the artistic merit of each of these musicians. And it also projects aspects of Prof.Deodhar's own personality as a serious musician and a remarkable individual.

The book is, on the whole, a very important aid to the study of the recent history of Hindustani music, and the tribute paid to the author and his labors by Shri.P.L. Deshpande in his Preface is really well-deserved.

Second part of the book “Thor Sangitkaranchi Parampara” ( Marathi) includes following Artistes:


Ustad Mushtak Hussain Khan (Rampur)

Khan Natthankha (Agra)

Pandit Devjibua (Dhar)

Pandit Mageshrao Telang (Karwar)

Sadarangile Mommadsa

Khan Vilayathussain khan (Mumbai)

Pandit Ganesh Ramachandra Behare (Kurdhe, Ratnagiri)

Pandit Rajabhaiya Puchwale (Gwalior)

Haddu Hassukhan wa tyanche Gharane

Sangeetratna Krishnarao Shankar Pandit (Gwalior)

Pandit Vishwanathbua Jadhav (Kolhapur)

Pandit Dattatreya Vishnu Paluskar (Pune)

Pandit Shrikrishna Hari Hirlekar

Khansabeb Munirkhan (Tabla Wadankar)

Bai Anjanibai Malpekar (Mumbai)

Mrudangacharya pandit Gurudevji Patwardhan

Khansaheb Sadikallikhan (Binkar, Rampur)

Pandit P. A. Sundaram Aayar (Madras)

Pandit Keshvrao Datar (Miraj)

Pandit Vishnu Annaji Kashalkar (Allahabad)

Pandit Baburao Gokhale (Mumbai)


Khansaheb Alibaksha Patiyalawale wa tyanche Gharane

Jagadguru Purnachandar Mallik

Sangit Sevak Damodardas Khanna

Nrutya Pravin Savitaben wa Nirmalben Mehta

Sikandarabad chi Gayak Gharani

Vanraj Bhatia

Presidential Speech By Prof B. R.Deodhar: Madhya Pranta Sangit Parishad, Amravati

Presidential Speech by Prof. B.R.Deodhar : Marathwada Sangit Sammelan, Nanded

The Deodhars’s School of Indian Music is in the process of providing an audio format of each of these articles for the convenience of the persons who are interested.

Narrated by -Sangeeta Gogate

सदारंगीले मोंमदसा

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पंडित देवजीबुवा (धार )

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सिंधे खॉं

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थोर संगीतकार (पुस्तक विषयी) - श्री.पु.ल.देशपांडे

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उस्ताद मुश्ताक हुसैन खॉं (रामपूर)

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मंगेशराव तेलंग (कारवार)

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उस्ताद नत्थन खॉं (आग्रा)

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